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What brand of dishwasher is good for the cafeteria?

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It’s really bad to say what brand of dishwasher is good for dishwashers. Our unit has a dishwasher, the kind that is washed with water, or imported. They say that they bought the world famous brand, but the people who used it said it was not good. If you really want to buy a suitable dishwasher in the cafeteria, I suggest you look for the manufacturer on the Internet, consult, the most important thing is to go to the site to see their users, it is best to have more customers, the use of A lot of people should be better. You see what kind of dishwasher you need to buy what.

    As far as I know, dishwashers are now divided into two categories: spray and ultrasonic. But the factory that does not necessarily have the same type of dishwasher, the things that are made are the same, the phenomenon of fish and beads is there. Therefore, if you want to see it yourself, compare it, and buy it again, you will not choose the wrong one, and you will not be fooled. Canteen dishwashers, please look for Zhengzhou Taihua Electronics.

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