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Applicability: Integrative machine for cleaning, disinfecting and drying tableware in restaurants, hotels, factories and government departments
  • Cleaning, disinfection and drying are in place in one step. It takes only one minute to save more than 70% water and 70% faster than manual work.
  • Introducing advanced and unique technology from Germany, with unique manufacturing process, the whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is durable and never rusty and aging.
  • The tableware is put into the conveyor belt directly. The import and export end is equipped with a blocking protection switch. When the tableware is not collected in time, the machine automatically stops running.
  • A dishwasher top four wages, high efficiency and low cost with water circulation system, water recycling, water saving, electricity saving, high efficiency and energy saving
21 Years of Industry Experience in Manufacturing and Introducing German Technology
R&D, Design, Production, Sales and Service in One

MERSI has a strong independent research and development team and many experienced mechanical engineers to work together to create more energy-saving, water-saving, cleaner intelligent dishwasher;

In the past six years, MERIS has rid thousands of customers, such as restaurants, hotels, schools, factories, government offices, enterprise canteens, of the problem of manual dishwashing, making dishwashing easier and simpler!

Tailor-made for you according to your actual space
Professional technical team will measure and design for you free of charge.

Powerful, efficient, energy-saving, flexible modular combination design, can be freely matched, regardless of space size, can be tailored for your kitchen or tableware disinfection distribution center;

MERIS has many years of experience in tableware cleaning and disinfection. Professional technicians provide you with professional technical advice and thoughtful and meticulous cleaning program.

Supply of high quality commercial dishwasher equipment
Technological innovation in dishwashing

Intelligent automatic operation, cleaning, disinfection, drying only takes one minute, for you to "save people, time, labor and money";

360 degree no dead angle cleaning, one-time removal of grease stains, bacteria, stains on tableware; super large amount of rinsing, super low amount of rinsing water, more efficient and energy-saving.

Perfect after-sales service system, so that you save effort
Provide intimate after-sales service

After the dishwasher arrives at the site, the professional technical engineers are arranged to install and debug the dishwasher on the site, and the technical specialists of the equipment responsible department are trained professionally.

During the warranty period, due to dishwasher failure (caused by non-human factors), all provide free high-quality services; the company regularly visits customers to understand the use and maintenance of dishwashers.

MERSI Intelligent Catering equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2007, MERSI Intelligent Catering equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the RD, design, production, sales and service of intelligent commercial dishwashers. The company has a strong independent research and development team and many experienced senior mechanical engineers, the introduction of German professional advanced technology, to create... 【More+】

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Permanently provide first-class service

Since the dishwasher is out of the factory, the company has a 24-month warranty and lifelong service. During the warranty period, the company provides free maintenance and repair (except man-made).

Professional Installation and Training

Free door-to-door delivery, package installation, lifelong maintenance, dishwasher commissioning, the company sent a special person on-site guidance and training

The company visits customers regularly.

Our company is responsible for the daily maintenance of dishwashers. We send a special person to provide a series of monthly services, including the inspection and maintenance of dishwashers, and cost control of staff usage norms.

Employee Professional Training

Standards for daily operation and maintenance of dishwashers, instructions for proper and safe use of detergent products, and avoidance of improper handling and damage control

MERSI Intelligent Catering equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
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