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There have been misunderstandings about the sink type automatic commercial dishwasher.

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There has always been a misunderstanding about the sink-type fully automatic commercial dishwasher.

We have always had misunderstandings about the sink-type automatic dishwasher. A dishwasher with a sink dishwasher, a dishwasher and a sink is a new category of dishwashers on the market. Many consumers don't know much about sink dishwashers, and unfamiliarity can lead to misunderstandings. Installation takes up space, the lower part of the sink can not be used? Inconvenient operation, "smart blind" can't do anything about it? Dishwashing is not clean, need to be hand-washed and reworked? Machine washing costs are high, is it very water-intensive? If the dishwasher is broken, can the sink not be used? All sorts of rumors allow people to automatically ignore the sink dishwasher when choosing a dishwasher. Is this really the case? No, today we are just the name for the sink dishwasher!

If a sink dishwasher is installed, will the sink be occupied by the machine? nonexistent. The design of the pure flat panel minimizes the space occupied, saves space and is easy to install; the size of the sink dishwasher is similar to that of the kitchen sink, and the inlet and outlet pipes are the same as the original sink, as long as it is directly replaced with the original sink position. Yes, it can realize various functions such as dish washing and sink, which saves space and is easy to install.

The sink dishwasher is “put on the countertop” and needs to be opened and closed. The operation is complicated. At the same time, it is combined with the sink, which may make the machine panel water-stained and unsafe. actually not. On the contrary, the design of the dishwashing trough on the countertop greatly facilitates the dishwasher. It no longer needs people to put the bowl into the bowl, directly pick up the lid, put the tableware in, do not bend over the whole process, simple and easy, do not need to confirm the position of each column and look around, simple and easy; worry about electric shock ? No need at all, one-button washing, the elderly and children can also easily operate, "smart blind" immediately turned into "smart pass."

Grease is not clean, but also "secondary operation"? No need. Zhengzhou Taihua Sink Dishwasher has strong cleansing power. Washing mode, single cleaning 20-24 pieces of tableware, suitable for 2-6 households, double pump frequency conversion, net enjoy clean, rotary spray arm + multi-directional water outlet angle design, high pressure ring wash, 360 degree strong removal of disc surface residue, real Clean! UFO fast heat, high temperature steam sterilization, sterilization rate 99.99%; breathable drying, 0 energy waste heat drying technology, steam side wall condensation, avoid secondary pollution; 18 minutes, one wash, triple wash mode, free choice Gentle, standard, and enhanced mode; ultrasonic to the surface of the fruit and vegetable pesticides, high-frequency ultrasound + 湍 flow washing pure physical way to the disabled, the family eats assured, thoroughly said "second operation" bye.

Does the dishwasher consume water? impossible. The water intake of the dishwasher is controlled by a microcomputer, which can precisely control the amount of water. The water from the water column is much less than the water directly from the faucet, and the force can be washed thoroughly, which saves the water. The amount of water can achieve a very good cleaning effect. The Zhengzhou Taihua dishwasher is more economical than imagined. A clean wash requires only 5.7L of water and 0.32 kWh of electricity.

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