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It is better to buy dishwashing workers than to buy commercial dishwashers.

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It is better to buy dishwashing workers than to buy commercial dishwashers!

Nowadays, when the hotel is not as good as the dishwasher, if you have not used the tableware before, the hotel restaurant and the cafeteria are basically recruiting a dishwashing worker. Now the tableware needs to be sterilized and used on the table. Now The labor costs are getting higher and higher. Many hotels charge more than 2,000 yuan per month per month for dishwashing workers. If there are three dishwashers, the monthly cost will be more than 6,000 yuan, and if you have a fully automatic dishwashing machine. Machine, can save two dishwashers, so that the equipment, and save labor costs, why not?

The 2013 edition of the China Dishwasher Market Research Report is about to be released. The report mainly analyzes the market size of the dishwasher industry, the demand situation of the dishwasher market, the competition in the dishwasher market, the operation of major dishwashers, and the washing of dishes. Market share of major companies in the machine market, and scientific predictions for the future development of the dishwasher industry.

Taihua commercial dishwasher has stable performance, simple operation and high cleanliness. It is suitable for enterprises, hotels, schools, units, and tableware disinfection and distribution companies. There are washing machines, drying and disinfecting equipment, and manual packaging equipment. Automatic tableware packaging equipment, chopsticks automatic packaging machine, etc., tailor-made equipment for customers.

Drying and disinfecting equipment: With the improvement of people's living standards, there are new requirements for the hygiene of tableware. The general disinfection cabinet can not meet the requirements for tableware disinfection. The disinfection and drying equipment produced by our company is convenient to operate and fully automatic. Control, tableware breakage rate is small, is more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly, more time-saving and labor-saving.

The above equipment can be used alone or in combination. When connected together, it becomes a fully automatic dishwasher. As long as the tableware is sent to the machine, it will be automatically transported to the next equipment. The intermediate link is not manual. For large customers. It can greatly save the dishwashing staff, and can complete the washing, drying and disinfection of a large number of tableware in a short time. Design the factory for the customer, door-to-door installation and commissioning and personnel training.

Now the dishwasher is getting harder and harder, and our factory is also planning to buy a dishwasher. I think it is good to see which manufacturer. The key is how long they have done, how many service outlets are on behalf of customers, and the most important thing is the degree of cleanliness. You can go to Baidu video first and watch the fully automatic dishwasher related videos. Maybe you can learn some videos first. .

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