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Why is there no more foreign domestic commercial dishwashers?

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Why is there no more foreign domestic commercial dishwashers? Nowadays, we attach great importance to the hygiene of tableware. Both domestic and foreign are equally concerned about the health of tableware. Why are households using dishwashers abroad more than domestic ones? Don't we want to enjoy life? Everyone knows that the dishwasher has many advantages, and it saves trouble and effort. What is it?

1. Can you let it go? I can't let it go. -- Most domestic owners think their kitchen is too small.

2, it will be very troublesome to change the water and electricity? / I didn't think of this when I changed the water and electricity, so I didn't have water and electricity. -- This is more likely to happen in a home of self-employed owners who are not looking for designers.

3. Is it clean? -- If you don't understand the principle, you should brush your own dishes. Can the dishwasher be washed with water? What do you tell me that you use this? Are the nuts eaten like us? The rice of the rice cooker is hard on the wall of the pot, and the dishwasher can be washed away. It is really good to wash the raw bowl of bacon with the cooked dish. So big oil, can you compare with the plate that eats salad steak?

4. Can you wash your bowl? I still have enamel bowls, wooden bowls, plastic bowls for children, glass bowls... can I wash? what? Must I buy a bowl that can be used in a dishwasher? It’s too much trouble...

5, just ask if you can put down the big wok!

6, the hood of the hood does not have to wipe me, the wok pressure cooker rice cooker can not put me to brush, just a few broken bowls put the dishwasher for an hour, it is better for me to wash him, but also save Ground.

7. After washing, has it been wet in the dishwasher, will it be unhealthy...?

8, I am single, I am not eating at home. If you eat one or two bowls, should you put them in for a long time? There is a clean bowl inside. Do I have to put the bowl I have eaten in and wash it together?

9, my mother washes the dishes, washing dishes is not a problem for me. It is really not easy to teach her to use the dishwasher. For example, the brand of dishwashing salt does not even understand me.

10. What? What about commercial dishwashers?

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