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Ultrasonic commercial dishwasher dishwashing methods and advantages

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Introduction to ultrasonic washing methods and advantages of commercial dishwashers.

Ultrasonic commercial dishwasher dishwashing methods and advantages, washing dishes in the hotel are all using the dishwasher, ultrasonic dishwasher is one of the choices, ultrasonic dishwasher dishwashing method and we simply introduce.

Ultrasonic Dishwasher Dishwasher mainly washes Western tableware mainly made of plates and dishes through high-temperature and high-pressure water. Western food is less greasy than Chinese food, and tableware is much more single. Chinese tableware has a certain difficulty in scouring, and ultrasonic dishwasher uses the principle of ultrasonic cleaning. When the ultrasonic wave passes through the liquid medium, the liquid medium is vibrated at a very high frequency to cause the liquid molecules to generate a positive and negative alternating shock wave. When the sound intensity reaches a certain value, a tiny cavitation bubble grows sharply in the liquid and instantly closes strongly, generating a strong micro-explosion and shock wave to damage the dirt (rice, oil, other stubborn stains) on the surface of the object to be cleaned, and Peel off from the surface being cleaned. Although the force of each cavitation bubble is limited, there are hundreds of millions of cavitation bubbles per second in the non-stop work, and stubborn stains will be disintegrated.

The birth of the dishwasher completely liberated people from the complicated dishwashing work, so that the restaurant does not need to hire a dishwasher, which can ensure the hygiene of the tableware, bring people a healthier dining environment, and reduce the activity. . The future direction of the dishwasher is moving towards the family. The domestic dishwasher is one of the most promising devices in the dishwasher market. It has not yet gained widespread popularity, only in a few developed cities, commercial dishwashers. We have already entered the kitchen of the people, and we still need to greatly promote the efforts to make the dishwasher popular as soon as possible and serve the people.

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