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The difference between commercial dishwashers and household dishwashers

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The difference between commercial dishwashers and household dishwashers

Domestic dishwashers can currently be divided into two categories:

Commercial dishwashers and household dishwashers.

As the name suggests, commercial dishwashers are designed and used for commercial purposes. Commercial applications are relatively wide, such as hotels, restaurants, canteens, factory canteens, tableware disinfection centers, bars and other public places with large traffic. Because the commercial washing requirements are relatively large, the size, volume and power consumption of the commercial dishwasher are relatively large, and the functions are relatively large. The biggest difference is that the general commercial dishwasher has a drying function, and the household washing is performed. The bowl has no drying function. Domestic dishwashers have the characteristics of small volume and low washing capacity.

Type of household dishwasher:

Uncovered dishwasher, undercounter dishwasher, cabinet dishwasher.

Commercial dishwasher category:

Uncovering dishwasher:

Suitable for bars and small restaurants.

Basket-type dishwasher:

Also known as the channel dishwasher, it is suitable for hotel dishwashers, unit canteen dishwashers.

Basket-type dishwashers are distinguished by the number of cylinders:

Single cylinder single spray, single cylinder double spray, double cylinder single spray, double cylinder double spray.

The dishwasher is also called (dragon dishwasher) (crawler dishwasher): factory canteen, school restaurant.

With dishwasher type:

Single cylinder single spray Single cylinder double spray Double cylinder single spray Double cylinder double spray.

Disinfection Center Dishwasher:

Basket-driving dishwasher with drying section, crawler-type dishwasher with drying section.

The disinfection center assembly line consists of a slag removal machine, a sorting table, a soaking pool, a spray machine, a dishwasher, and a dryer.

The biggest difference between commercial dishwashers and household dishwashers:

According to the above analysis; simply speaking, the difference between large and small washing.

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