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Why use a commercial dishwasher in a school hotel?

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Why use a commercial dishwasher in a school hotel?

Day after day, year after year, dishwashers seem to have become a natural phenomenon in our lives. The labor costs are getting higher and higher. In general, no one would think that dishwashers are a good job. Generally speaking, some middle-aged and elderly people, and in the case of manual dishwashing, whether the washing is clean or not is completely determined by his mood. The unclean tableware will directly affect the restaurant business, the image of the company, and the health of the employees. Moreover, the current year is close, and the use of dishwashing has become a problem for all units.

Year after year, how can wise bosses and corporate managers, like you, solve such problems? That is nothing more than liberating hands and using machines instead of manual dishwashing. This is also an inevitable trend in social development.

Dishwashers have a long history of development. Dishwashers in Europe have long been the kitchen and family kitchen helpers, but they have a shorter development time in China. Therefore, in the minds of consumers, the quality and performance of imported brands of dishwashers is more credible.

However, with the advancement of the technology of domestic dishwasher manufacturers in recent years, the new ultrasonic dishwashers that are more suitable for domestic use have been developed for the characteristics of Chinese tableware (various shapes and materials) and eating habits (multi-oil). .

Ultrasonic dishwasher principle: When the ultrasonic wave passes through the liquid medium, it will vibrate the liquid medium at a very high frequency, causing the liquid molecules to generate positive and negative alternating shock waves. When the sound intensity reaches a certain value, the microscopic cavitation bubbles are sharply grown in the liquid and are suddenly and strongly closed to generate a strong micro-explosion and shock wave, so that the dirt on the surface of the object to be cleaned is destroyed and falls off from the surface to be cleaned. Although the effect of each cavitation bubble is not large, there are hundreds of millions of cavitation bubbles per second that have a good cleaning effect and characteristics. Because the ultrasonic wave can penetrate the solid material to vibrate the entire liquid medium and generate cavitation bubbles, this cleaning method does not have a dead angle that cannot be cleaned, and the industry has proved that the ultrasonic cleaning has high cleanliness and no dead angle. Especially suitable for the cleaning of multi-material multi-shape and multi-oil tableware in China.

Moreover, since the ultrasonic dishwasher does not require high temperature and uses recycled water more than the traditional European and American sprayers, it saves water and saves electricity. The ultrasonic dishwasher has a simple structure and a long service life. Compared with the traditional European and American sprayers, the structure is simple, because the probability of failure is low, and the after-sales service is relatively simple. No special detergent is required. Conventional spray dishwashers rely mainly on the chemical cleaning of special detergents to complete the dishwashing process. Such special detergents are also a small expense in the use of late dishwashers. In view of such a huge market, many dishwasher manufacturers have sprung up in many places in China, and the quality of each manufacturer is uneven. In such a situation, choosing a good commercial dishwasher brand has become a top priority. In doubt, Zhengzhou Taihua commercial dishwasher is the leading domestic one.

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