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What are the precautions for the dishwasher in the school cafeteria?

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There are more people in the school cafeteria, more tableware, the workload of the dishwasher is relatively large, so the dishwasher is also more frequent, what kind of dishwasher is better, the school canteen with dishwasher What are the precautions? Wash the dishwasher to tell you.

1. Eat the dishwasher first depends on the cleanliness

Precautions for the dishwasher in the canteen: The food for the people is the first, the food is the first! The primary indicator for the dishwasher should be the cleanliness, which is the washing degree of the dishwasher. When it comes to washing, I have to say the cleaning method associated with it. The European and American-based dishwashers mainly clean the dishes for Western food. The principle is to wash the tableware with high-temperature and high-pressure water, plus special detergent, and finally spray it on the tableware with high temperature water of 85 degrees or more. The drier together acts as a quick-drying effect. In our restaurant and cafeteria, we rarely eat western food. Compared with western food, Chinese food is obviously different in production. It uses more oil and more types of tableware. Therefore, it is still difficult to use water with high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, many people of insight began to use ultrasonic dishwashers with high dishwashing and suitable for Chinese tableware cleaning and disinfection.

2, the canteen people are more likely to wash faster

Precautions for the dishwasher in the cafeteria: There are a large number of people dining in the cafeteria and restaurants, and several hundred to several thousand people can eat together. Time is very concentrated. Therefore, the cleaning of the tableware must be completed within two to three hours. Therefore, the dishwasher line is generally used, and the tableware is placed on the conveyor belt without being framed, and the processes of removing the slag, cleaning, and disinfecting are automatically completed.

3, the top of the dishwasher for the canteen to save money and effort

Precautions for the dishwasher in the cafeteria: The dishwasher in the cafeteria restaurant is best not to be washed first, without soaking the dishes; no special detergent, no drier. Don't use or use only a small bottle of household cleaning essence every day, which saves money and effort!

4, the quality of the dishwasher should be good, the service should be timely, the accessories should keep up, the price should be reasonable

The above is a small series of dishwashers for the canteen which is better? What are the precautions for the dishwasher in the cafeteria? We should choose the dishwasher in the cafeteria carefully. Don't just look at the cheap and disregard the quality. I hope that the introduction of the above small series can help everyone.

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